Extile Project

Big Projects: Solutions For large scale distribution

Big Projects: Solutions For large scale distribution

Extile Project is addressed to large-scale distribution and conceived by RIPA in collaboration with Mapei, Marazzi, and Margraf, to carry out new interventions and remodeling of flooring for large commercial buildings.
Extile Project offers unique turnkey solutions to meet any possible request.


In shopping centers, the combination of durability and aesthetics is essential to enhance the image of both the center and the individual brands associated.

Flexibility in the buildings following the client’s needs is essential.
RIPA offers a single coordinator for the construction site team to meet every need

A must-have of excellence for large-scale distribution.
Extile Project considers the combination of the quality of the products offered and the technical and stylistic needs of the customer to be fundamental. For this reason, Marazzi and Margraf provide custom-made products and custom packages pre-identified for the specific needs of each specification.

All works carried are covered by and insurance policy created “ad hoc” for each construction site and the specific client. Choose Extile Project and choose:

The execution of new works or remodeling interventions often causes costly unforeseen events due to disorganization or unexpected events.

The regulations currently in force and the continuous modification require buildings to be constructed and maintained according to specific parameters.
It is fundamental to operate according to the law, thus ensuring and increasing the property value over time.
Extile Project, and choose the certification:


Extile Project provides a traceability schedule or a structured list-based technical report, drawn up by the Extile Technician and issued to the Client following the completion of each project area to indicate:

Choose Extile Project and choose the renovation of the shopping gallery.

Who is it for?
It is addressed to retail sector managers, Property Companies, Tenants, and all users looking for an improved experience (beyond the traditional concept of a shopping center) and innovative use of service areas.

Tunnel floors, service areas, and toilets are areas subject to rapid deterioration.
Today these environments are considered by the shopping center users as places of aesthetic and functional impact.

In the commercial buildings built in the 1990s and 2000s

Maintenance interventions are often a temporary solution.
It is possible to coordinate a complete planned restyling action without impacting a building like the shopping center that continues with its business.

With Extile Project and its partners.

Choose Extile Project and choose the toilets renovation
Project phases:


Shopping centers









    Founded in 1937 in Milan, Mapei is today one of the world's largest producers of adhesives and complementary products for all types of floor and wall coverings laying, and a specialist in other chemical products for construction with 20 product lines.

    Mapei has built its strategy on three fundamental guidelines:

    Specialization: Mapei offers a wide range of specific, technologically advanced products that meet the needs of its customers in the construction sector.

    Research and Development:
    Mapei has always made continuous and significant investments in the Research and Development of new products and technologies.
    Mapei has 31 central laboratories and 83 quality control laboratories.

    Starting in the 1960s, Mapei began its internationalization strategy to considerably approach local needs, reducing transport costs to a minimum.
    The industrial group currently consists of 90 affiliates, with 83 production plants operating in 36 countries on 5 continents. Furthermore, Mapei has developed a widespread technical-commercial network in all the most important countries worldwide and provides technical assistance and consultancy service on construction sites, particularly appreciated by designers and installation professionals.
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    The first Marazzi factory was established in 1935, with a temporary building.
    It initially produced hand-decorated ceramic wall tiles. The search for innovative solutions in terms of aesthetics, products, and processes has contributed to technological leadership achievement that makes Marazzi a reference point in world ceramic production.
    Today Marazzi operates through several technological registered patents and highly sophisticated systems and technologies that allow the company to create the best ceramic and porcelain stoneware items for both home and industrial buildings, including light and thin coatings, ventilated facades, and raised floors.

    For over 80 years, this has allowed Marazzi to design and produce beautiful surfaces where innovation completes tradition and technology is at the service of people.

    The ecological quality of the entire Marazzi production cycle is certified according to the highest international standards.
    Marazzi was the first company operating in the ceramic sector to have obtained, since 1994, the Certification of its Quality System according to the ISO 9001 standard and, subsequently, the ISO 14001 Certification for its environmental management system.

    Thanks to the ecological quality of the entire industrial production cycle, Marazzi ceramic and porcelain stoneware items contribute to obtaining LEED® certification for buildings.
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    The history of Margraf, originally named Industria Marmi Vicentini, began in 1906 in Vicenza, Italy, with the initial exploitation of some quarries in Chiampo that soon extended to that of the Venetian Pre-Alps.

    Margraf focuses on technological innovation and research and has always worked with architects from all over the world.
    There are two fundamental competitive advantages: from 1935 Gaetano Marzotto and after the birth of Margraf spa in the eighties, the merger into the linea Marmo group (1999)

    Today Margraf Industria Marmi Vicentini is placed among the leading companies in the procurement and processing of natural stones. Cultivating and extracting marble from its deposits with wisdom, patience, and skill, the vast range of precious materials, mechanization, and advanced technologies are synonymous with a guarantee for every designer thanks to standards of absolute excellence.

    Fior di Pesco Carnico® (* of which it owns the only quarry in the world), Botticino Classico, Semiclassico and Fiorito, Lipica Unito and Fiorito, Repen, Arancio di Selva, Pietra Ducale, and gray Saint Laurent are just some of the finest materials that enrich of pure beauty the deposits of a company that provides about two hundred different types of marble.

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